UPF 50+ and UV Combat Fabrics

Our next generation fabrics provide the ultimate defense against harmful UV rays, protecting your skin and keeping you comfortable. 

UPF 50 Solar protection is standard on Fifth Season Outfitters Performance Apparel. It is critical to keep your largest organ safe and healthy any season, all season. We use Antimicrobial fabrics to keep harmful bacteria and stink that would crush a lesser shirt at bay. Ultra-comfortable performance fit and lightweight design is just enough to take the chill off, but comfortable for the longest float trip or base layer in the woods. We tattooed a logo right in the center so you can showoff your Fifth Season at either the Trout pool or the tailgate!

M-Shield technology battles back odor-causing bacteria to keep this layer scent-free
PURE-tech wicking technology is included in our products to wick moisture off of your skin, allowing for a breathable, comfortable, dry, and functional layer in any season
SPF 50+ UV protection is built into our performance wear and accomplishes three things:
  • It keeps your skin safe during every season
  • It prevents UV saturation of our gear: Ultra violet saturation of  fabrics is a dead give-away to wild game that see deeper in the UV spectrum than the human eye
  • It prolongs the life of the fabric making Fifth Season Performance Apparel some of the most durable performance wear available